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We provide a variety of legal services to artists, galleries, and financial institutions in the art industry including assisting traditional businesses enter into Web3 and NFTs

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The art industry has a wide range of legal issues that arise in connection with the creation, ownership, sale, and exhibition of art, as well as the legal rights and responsibilities of artists, galleries, collectors, and other parties involved in the art industry.

Our Trade Division provides a variety of legal services to artists, galleries, and financial institutions in the art industry, including:

  1. Contract drafting and review: We can help artists and galleries draft and review contracts related to the sale, exhibition, and reproduction of artwork as well as assisting with contracts related to artist representation and gallery representation.
  2. Intellectual property protection: We can advise artists on protecting their intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents as well as assisting with the registration and enforcement of these rights.
  3. Art financing: We can assist financial institutions with the structuring and documentation of art-related financing transactions, including art loans and art-secured financing.
  4. Art purchases: We can assist with reviewing and negotiating contracts, performing due diligence, structuring the purchase, handling the transfer of ownership, and other facets of purchases of art.
  5. Strategic consulting: We can assist with the development of business plans and strategies that are legally sound and that take into account the unique legal considerations of the art industry as well as helping clients identify and mitigate legal risks that may arise in connection with their art-related activities.
  6. Art litigation: In the event of a legal dispute, an art attorney can represent clients in art-related litigation, including disputes over ownership, authenticity, and breach of contract.
  7. Estate planning: We can assist artists with the creation and administration of wills and trusts to ensure the proper distribution of their art collection upon their death.

Overall, we provide legal guidance and representation to clients in the art industry on a wide range of issues related to the creation, sale, and distribution of artwork.

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